New life for Tabernacle Baptist Church

Style Weekly has a great cover piece this week on the transformation at Tabernacle Baptist Church:

A church that once boasted of having the largest Sunday school on the Eastern Seaboard didn’t have a single youth member when the Rev. Sterling Severns began serving at Tabernacle in 2004. Sunday services were drawing between 80 and 120 worshipers. The average parishioner was 80 years old. [...]

They didn’t figure it out until 2008, when dozens and dozens of young Burmese families, like Lian’s, started streaming into the Richmond area. Many of them were Baptist — the denomination has had a presence in Burma since the late 1800s — and found their way to Tabernacle, showing up at services asking, “Can we worship with you?”

“Forever we prayed, ‘God, send us children,’” Severns says. “And God answered our prayer by bringing families and children from Burma.”

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