Megan Marlatt’s “Substitutions for a Game Never Played”

Style Weekly has a great write-up on Megan Marlatt’s Substitutions for a Game Never Played at VisArts on Main street:

“Substitutions for a Game Never Played,” on display at the Visual Arts Center, spans a decade of paintings that use small subjects to explore large themes, such as mass consumerism and environmental waste. The excess speaks for itself, walking the line between a critical eye and a sense of complicity with the disposable objects of amusement. There’s an innocent fun and a menacing, almost sinister quality in the work that both delights and unsettles. Viewers quickly realize they’re seeing these scenes with the simultaneous perspectives of child and adult, both excited to pick through the colorful piles to find a new playmate, yet just a little disturbed by the overwhelming rubble.

The exhibition will remain on display through March 13.

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