Heritage among the best of 2012

Richmond Magazine’s Best New Restaurants of 2012 gives props to 13 new places in the Richmond area, including Main Street’s Heritage:

The Pinnacle of Locavore: Heritage
1627 W. Main St., 353-4060

Locavore dining has been a food trend for a few years. It hasn’t, however, reached a peak of truly fine and exquisite dining until now. At Heritage, you can find more than just your typical rustic ingredients from local farms. Take, for example, the Charcuterie Plate. Elsewhere, such plates can look little different than what you might get at a deli counter. Here, in addition to some fine house-pickled vegetables, you will find thin slices of ham from Mangalitsa pigs, a Hungarian heritage breed, raised and cured at musician Dave Matthews’ farm outside of Charlottesville. But the high point is the lardo, fatback from the Mangalitsas that has been cured for more than a year and quite literally melts in your mouth. If you try nothing else new this year, you must taste this. —PEJ

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