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Have you seen this cat?

My cat ran out the door today and despite looking several blocks around my apartment and calling her I haven’t been able to find her. I live right next to the VMFA and I suspect she’ll be around there or somewhere eastward. She also spent a lot of time in the Fan around Floyd and Meadow so she might go there.

She is a young, medium sized, long-haired cat who responds to “Gately.” She’s fully vaccinated, but with no collar. Likes to be petted, but not held. Significantly less fur on her belly from being shaved recently. Black tail, distinctive black spots on her right ear and forehead. Pale, green eyes.

Here are pictures of her: [...] I’m offering $100 to anyone who can get her back to me. My phone number is (703) 489-2033; please feel free to call at any time if you find her.

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