Future of Main Art Supply in doubt as owners plan retirement

by Nathan Cushing

After operating their store for nearly 33 years, owners of the art supplies store will sell their business later this year. What happens to it is anyone’s guess.

The owners of Main Art Supply and Framing plan to retire this summer, putting the fate of the business they’ve owned for nearly 33 years into doubt.

“We wanted to be fair to our customers,” said Rudi Winebrenner, co-owner of the art supplies store, on announcing the retirement. “We feel we’re pretty much a landmark here in the Fan.”

She and business partner Janet DeCover are “leaving all options open” whether they sell the arts supplies business, as it is, to new owners, or sell the building to a new business altogether. Either way, Main Art Supply “is going to be for sale,” Winebrenner said.

She added that maintaining the store has been difficult in recent years with the growth of online retailers offering product discounts that brick-and-mortar stores can’t afford. “Amazon is a lot of competition for art supplies,” Winebrenner said.

While the future of Main Art Supply remains unknown, the co-owner stressed that it remains open for business. “We’re still fully-stocked and want our customers to come right on in,” Winebrenner said.

Main Art Supply and Framing is located at 1537 W. Main Street

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