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Sector 313 crime report for December

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 December 2012 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

During the 28 day period (November 13 – December 10) Sector 313 had an increase in crime in violent crime.

The significant increase in violent crime can be attributed to an increase in robbery of individuals where the sector experienced six this year when compared to zero in 2011. However as of 12/18/12 the sector has not experienced a robbery since 11/28/12. The Focus Mission Team and the sector bicycle unit have been very vigilant and actively conducting surveillance in the areas of recent robberies.

Seventeen (17) area Burglaries and Twenty (20) Thefts from Motor Vehicles have continued to dominate the property crime numbers for this period. Despite the efforts of the police department in educating the public on the importance of securing valuables and not leaving items in plain view – we continue to have the same problem.

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