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ArchitectureRichmond: Bascom Joseph Rowlett

Writing for ArchitectureRichmond, Robert Winthrop has a look Richmond architect Bascom Joseph Rowlett. Rowlett designed numerous apartment buildings on Monument, Boulevard, Allen Avenue, and the English Village on Grove Avenue:

By 1921, a year after Huntt’s death, Bascom J. Rowlett was a sole practitioner and completed his first solo building, the Westhaven Apartments on the Boulevard. This was the first of series of large apartment houses erected on Monument Avenue and the Boulevard. [...] In 1926, Rowlett designed the English Village, an architectural fantasy on Tudor themes. The attached houses wrap around a central green that faces Grove Avenue. [...] Two years after the design of the English Village, Rowlett designed the Tuscan Villa, one of the largest and most attractive apartment houses of the 1920s. The Villa occupies the entire block between Park and Kensington on the Boulevard.

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