Update on plans for Meadow Park

The Fan District Association has an update on the planned Meadow Park Enhancements:

The Friends of Meadow Park received a $8000 grant from the FDA in 2012 to cover part of the cost of Phase I improvements which is estimated at approximately $10,000. The additional $2000 will come from a $6000 fund that The Friends of Meadow Park has with the EnRichmond Foundation, a foundation of the Department of Parks and Recreation. The remaining $4000 will be used to leverage future needs by matching any funds requested from other organizations to accomplish the suggestions noted above and to help complete the remaining phases.

Work on Meadow Park is a multi-year project, and Friends is planning another general meeting in January or February 2013.

The landscape improvements will certainly enhance the appearance and appeal of this gateway park, and neighbors have expressed enthusiastic support.


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