Get ready for Hurricane Sandy

Weather Dan has a heads up about the coming storm on RVA News:

The exact timing will vary with the storm’s track, but we can expect to start feeling the effects of Sandy as the storm gets close late Saturday. If the turn comes closer to the south, then these may be accelerated somewhat.

Wind: Gusts likely in excess of 30mph for an extended period from Sunday through Tuesday and into Wednesday

Rain: Several inches of rain are expected to fall during the same timeframe. We’ve been dry for the year, but that looks to change

Coastal flooding: Below the fall line, storm surge from Sandy will lead to widespread heavy surf and coastal flooding. In addition, a full moon means that tides will be running one to two feet above normal, further enhancing the flooding threat.

All this will lead to some pretty hefty erosion along beaches and barrier islands.

Sandy will also funnel a significant amount of cold air moving in beginning Sunday. Temperatures will almost continually plummet over this period, dropping 20-30 degrees by Wednesday. We’re going to go from highs near 80 to a high around 50… if we’re lucky. The worst case scenario also brings a few flakes of snow into the picture over this period as well.

PHOTO by Mike Johnson

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