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Sector 313 report for August

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 August 2012 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

During the 28 day period (July 24 – August 20) that covered the month of July Sector 313 experienced an increase in Violent Crime largely because of an increase in domestic violence and one Robbery/ Commercial as opposed to zero Commercial robberies the year before. All other areas of major crimes are showing a decrease.
Twelve (12) thefts from motor vehicles were reported. Nine (9) of the thefts occurred in the Fan. However thefts from motor vehicles were down by 35% from the prior month. There was only one (1) theft from a motor vehicle reported along the Monument Ave corridor. This was our previous focus area, and we are pleased to say that we made a significant arrest in that area (see photo below). Please remember to secure your valuable in the trunk of your cars, or take them into your residence. Take away the opportunity for a crime to be committed.
With the pending return of the student population it becomes increasingly more important for everyone to be particularly attentive to their surroundings. Please advise students to travel in groups, avoid the alleys, and secure iPods, iPads and other valuable items before going to class. Please do not leave items in plain view. Please report suspicious activity to the police.
Larcenies have become a problem in the area. Sector 313 is currently experiencing eighteen (18) area larcenies. Thirteen of those occurred in the Fan. Six (6) of the thirteen (13) were bicycles. In one incident a bicycle valued at seventeen hundred dollars ($1700) was stolen from a rear porch. Please secure your valuables. Do not give the criminals an easy target.

The area is currently experiencing commercial robberies. There have been two (2) in Sector 311 and one (1) in Sector 313 that are related. A tan colored Vespa motor scooter (or a similar type vehicle) has been seen leaving the scene. Please contact the police should you notice any such suspicious vehicle in close proximity to businesses. Thus far a black male and a white male are suspected in the robberies.


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