Several reports of home invasions and attempted break-ins

A Fan District Crime Alert from the FDA:

Recently there have been several reports of home invasions and attempted break ins in The Fan. The suspect is described as an African American male in his 30′s, 5’8″, 180lbs.

He has accessed one couple’s home by asking for water and, when separated from the homeowners, stole a wallet. In one instance, he simply walked into the home and was forcibly removed by a male in the home. He has been seen attempting to break in through the front door with a credit card and bodily force. He was seen getting into the passenger seat of a black pickup truck with 9-11 Virginia license plates.

Please remember to lock your doors at all times of the day and night and do not open your door until the person has identified themselves to your satisfaction. Always call 911 if you have a reportable incident and we encourage you to meet with the responding officer.

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