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Local kudos in Richmond Magazine’s Best & Worst

A quick spin through Richmond Magazine’s Best & Worst 2012 finds a number of Fan-area winners:

  • Joe’s Inn wins for “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” and “Best Lowbrow Night Out in the Region” ( & Commercial Taphouse grabs 2nd),
  • Buddy’s wins for “Best Place to Seek Shelter During a Hurriquake”,
  • Balliceaux wins for “Best Cocktail You Can’t Make at Home”,
  • Ipanema Cafe wins for “Best Restaurant for Vegetarians” (and ties Garnett’s Cafe at 3rd for “Best Pies”),
  • Acacia Mid-town wins “Best Restaurant Overall”,
  • The Fan wins “Neighborhood With the Widest Variety of Architectural Styles”,
  • The Fan Kitchen & Garden Tour and Holiday House Tour wins “Best Neighborhood House Tour”, and
  • Fan of the Fan gets 3rd for “Best Neighborhood Blog”.

Anybody else seen a copy yet? Are there any local kudos that I missed?

Richmond Magazine's Best & Worst 2012

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