ArchitectureRichmond: A look at the Scott-Bocock House

ArchitectureRichmond takes a look the Scott-Bocock House on the 900 block of West Franklin Street:

The Scott-Bocock House is a truly Richmond structure, its decades of history almost as impressive as the grand neoclassical façade. Elizabeth and Frederic Scott bought the property from Louis Ginter in 1903, and soon thereafter commissioned the popular firm of Noland and Baskervill to design the magnificent estate. The couple is buried at Hollywood Cemetery and their daughter, Elisabeth Scott Bocock, moved into the house in the mid 20th century. While there, she founded the Historic Richmond Foundation, the 2300 Club, and the Hand Workshop (now known as the Visual Arts Center of Richmond). In the 1960s, the house was subdivided and used as dorms for VCU students, which continued into the 90s. A renovation in 2004 led to the Scott House opening its doors to the public, and the designation of the building as a Virginia Historic Landmark.

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