Samuels: “Regarding parking on Broad Street in the Richmond Fan District Neighborhood”

A statement issued today by Councilman Samuels, in response to recent parking problems on Broad Street:

Regarding parking on Broad Street in the Richmond Fan District Neighborhood

(Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.) – “Over the past several days, I have been engaging with residents and business owners concerning the parking issues on Broad Street in Richmond’s Fan District Neighborhood. I have reached out to the Richmond Department of Public Works Office of Parking and the Richmond Police Department to find a solution that will not only address the parking problems, but also keeps local residents safe.

Based on these conversations, I am planning on introducing legislation in Richmond City Council that will encourage the Administration to review the parking laws on this corridor. A year or two ago the Administration and I reviewed the cruising laws on Hermitage Road and we found options that allowed for additional parking. I am hopeful we can do the same here.

Residents in that area who have been instrumental in helping to revitalize West Broad Street by being willing to live there should not have life made harder for them by outdated parking rules.”

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