Richmond is a great place for a nice walk

Paul Mackie of Mobility Lab recently visited RVA for the 1st time and discovered how great a walking city Richmond is:

There is a several-mile area called “The Fan,” which gets its name from the way the streets “fan out” from downtown. Normally, my thing is to visit new towns and rent a bike. There is no better way to see the sights. You get better views because you’re going slower than a car and you can stop anytime you like. You also get to see a lot more sights than if you’re walking. And you get a little exercise along with your entertainment!

However, the Fan, despite my love of bicycling, is almost perfect for walking. I started my leisurely two-plus-hours walk in Carytown (, made my way north along Boulevard, turned east on Monument Avenue headed towards downtown, then finished up by going south past Virginia Commonwealth University and back west along Main Street.

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