Is Balliceaux a bad neighbor?

One Way Richmond is reporting that a petition is being circulated by Mark Szafranski, a neighbor of the restaurant, to quiet Balliceaux:

Well, as of a couple of days ago, one neighbor is so upset at the music coming out of Balliceaux, he has started a petition to not only have the music ended, mind you, but to have Balliceaux shut down all together.

In addition, a report was made to the Fan District Board Association on April 30, 2012 (PDF) concerning complaints about Balliceaux:

Ms Horne attended to report to the Board ongoing problems associated with living adjacent to the restaurant Balliceaux. Problems include: Noise, sanitation, rodents, potential ABC violations and non-responsiveness of the owners and managers when contacted regarding these problems. Ms Horne was advised to circulate a petition among her neighbors so as to establish the range of impact and concern and that the Board would get back to her on solutions available to deal with this issue.

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