Diradour picks up on Broad Street parking hubbub

Candidate for the 2nd District City Council Charlie Diradour weighs in on the recent parking fracas (and Councilman Samuels’ response):

Recently, our current councilman decided to use our tax dollars to have a study conducted on whether we should pull the no parking signs down on Broad Street in the commercial district. You know the ones: the signs that were placed along a stretch of West Broad in the early 90′s to dissuade cruisers and prostitution. The signs that don’t allow parking between the hours of 11pm and 4am.

Recently, Richmond Police wrote tickets in front of The Camel at approximately 11 pm. After years of not enforcing the ordinance that the signs address, RPD wrote tickets.


Simple. A concerned citizen wrote our current councilman and asked him to either pull them down or enforce them. Next? Tickets. Next? A study. Next? Our tax money goes for a study that is illogical. Next? Who knows?

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