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Diradour formally announces candidacy for City Council

Charlie Diradour formally announced his candidacy for Richmond’s City Council 2nd district seat yesterday. From the press release:

The event was held in Richmond’s Fan neighborhood in front of friends, family and campaign supporters. He made clear his objectives and said he “wants to restore pride in Richmond” by creating a results oriented plan that will move our City forward and change the dynamic in the City.

Senator Donald McEachin (D-9th district) introduced Diradour. McEachin said of Diradour, “Charlie has been at the forefront of many issues over the years. And in so many ways, has already been setting an example of what a good city councilperson should do…meet with people, discuss the problems, and find a solution.”

Outlining his visions and concerns for Richmond, Diradour said, “We must strive to do all we can to make education, on all levels, the best it can be. We have sidewalks in disrepair, streets that remain unpaved, and lighting projects that have been funded and never completed. I believe that meaningful action is a vital tool toward progress. We all know there is waste in the City budget and irresponsible spending, in general. I intend to find that waste and eliminate it.”

Diradour also addressed Richmond’s public safety personnel, the first-responders – police officers and firefighters leaving for other cities where they are better appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. Officer Tony Paciello, Vice President of the Richmond Coalition of Police, said of Diradour, “He understands that a strong, successful community begins with cooperation and a willingness to work together.” Officer Paciello continued, “Whether finding solutions to problems such as promoting safety awareness for citizens, or simply getting to know our personnel on a first name basis, Charlie has always made a point of relationship building between our officers and the community.”

A life-long Richmond resident and businessman, Charlie stated his belief that “now is the time to come together to do all we can to make Richmond THE place people want to live, work and play. I hold to my strong belief that ideas and solutions should come from the voters to council, and not the other way around”, he said. Diradour concluded by pledging to “work toward the best solution, worthy of the office and worthy of you, the voters. Sometimes all it takes is leadership.”

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