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Whole Truth Museum opens Friday

Whole Truth Museum opens Friday night at Peer Pleasure Gallery at 1136 West Grace Strret

The goal of the Whole Truth Museum is to support and recognize some great undergrad artists who would otherwise get ignored in the bullsh*t, white, cis, art-bro patriarchal narrative. So please join us May 4th for an evening of delicious food (and probably a dance party in the back yard.)

Show runs through May 12th, gallery hours 2-6 pm at Peer Pleasure Gallery (1136 W. Grace St)

WTM Statement:
The Whole Truth Museum foregrounds alternative perspectives on the lived experiences of Richmond throughout history reaching forward to the present. While Richmond is a unique city with a fertile history, the towering statues on Monument Avenue and the Virginia Historical Society only offer us a limited perspective. We seek to gather relics and reflections on existence in Richmond that together can represent a diverse account in an attempt to grasp the whole truth.


All work was made and curated by young artists, working to express and support something closer to the “whole truth” about what it means to be an artist and a Richmonder in this day and age.

The aim of the WTM (Whole Truth Museum) is to broadcast some up-and-coming artists making compelling work about a city that is jam-packed with history.


Colleen Billings
Safiya Bridgewater
Maria Camia
Cath Cowan
Jaclyn Cummings
Mandy Fitzgerald
Brianna Gribben
Maggie Grymes
Jennifer Guillen
Julie Hundley
Elise Isom
Jaimie McKay
Cody Platt
Cameron Robinson
Ha Tran

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