Samuels laments House of Delegates rejection of Tracy Thorne-Begland

2nd District Councilman Charles Samuels today released a statement on the Virginia House of Delegates rejection of the judicial nomination of the gay prosecutor Tracy Thorne-Begland (a deputy commonwealth attorney in Richmond):

“While it is rare that I comment about the decisions of other duly elected bodies, the decision to vote down Mr. Thorne-Begland’s sponsorship as judge in the General District Court for the City of Richmond surprises, disappoints and frustrates me.

Mr. Thorne-Begland has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all Richmonders and to suggest that his sexual orientation would in some way negatively affect his ability to perform the duties of a judge is ridiculous.

In my dealings with him, both as a defense attorney and as a city councilman, Mr. Thorne-Begland has always displayed an excellent judicial temperament. He weighs the facts and the law before making any decision. This is the kind of person we want as a judge.

I would like to thank the Richmond Delegation of the Virginia General Assembly and the other delegates who voted in support of Mr. Thorne-Begland.

The Bench’s loss is both the Bar’s and the Commonwealth Attorneys Office’s gain.”

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