Home invasion and attempted robbery on Cary Street

Reported Offense: On 05/24/2012 @ approximately 9:08 P.M a home invasion and attempted robbery was reported to the Richmond Police Department in the 1200 block of West Cary Street

Suspects: #1White Male, approximately 300 pounds in weight wearing all black with a white T-shirt. #2 White male, skinny and wearing all black clothing. Both subjects were reported to have been wearing masks. Both subjects last seen exiting the residence into the alley on the south side of West Cary Street.

Brief description of how the crime took place: The two males listed above entered a residence in the 1200 block of West Cary Street via a second floor fire escape and open door. Once inside, the suspect demanded specific items which were not present and thus, not found. The suspects utilized a zip-tie to bind the lone resident and subsequently left after ransacking the apartment. Both suspects were also armed with firearms.


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