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Some history of the new Mint

RVA News’ look at the new Mint includes a neat piece of Fan restaurant history:

While chatting, Cabaniss tells me that she used to waitress at Davis & Main in the 1990s when she studied marketing at VCU. She says that if you had told her that she would one day own two restaurants, including one at the intersection of Davis and Main, she would have laughed at you. However, Cabaniss has become one of Richmond’s most notable restaurateurs. In 1998, she sold her first property, Cabo’s Corner Bistro, to Bacchus. She moved Cabo’s to the current location of the Republic, at 2053 W. Broad where it remained Cabo’s under new ownership until 2003. In May of that year, Julep’s opened at 1719 E. Franklin Street. Definitely not the life plan that she had while waitressing at Davis & Main and studing at VCU. That’s fine with her, though.


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