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RPS rezoning survey due by Friday

Richmond Public Schools has a draft of 4 proposed rezoning plans, one of which cuts out the lower Fan from the Fox Elementary draw zone. You can voice your opinion through the online survey provided.

The Fan District Association has a good breakdown of the materials:

  • There are four drafts: A, B, C, and D
  • All draft maps can be found on the Richmond City site here. Note: very large file. Takes time to load
  • The layout in the file first shows a ‘combined’ map, with elementary, middle, and high schools all on one map. Old boundaries are dotted lines
  • The next three maps show proposed elementary, then middle, then high school. Proposed boundaries are colored zones; old boundaries are dotted lines
  • The next four maps will show the same sequence of maps for Draft ‘B,’ and so on through Draft ‘D’
    Please pay close attention to changes

  • The full City site for zoning changes is here

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