Help find Elizabeth’s painting

Some of you may have heard and read the press articles, but we will state here (for our Facebook followers) that one of the paintings was stolen on Monument 2 nights ago. The piece was painted by Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gray, one of the six adult artists who led this project.

She posted this on Facebook:

“My 8 foot Self-Portrait got stolen last night just to be added to all the controversy that has been projected onto the WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? moving exhibition on Monument Avenue.

No matter what, I will stand behind this moving exhibition. The kids deserve to be heard, and a positive and empowering statement should not be viewed so negatively. I was asked to be a part of this experience and asked to do my own self-portrait by having to ask myself, “What do i stand for?” and my painting says just that. There is nothing sexual about this painting, but a spiritual revelation of who I am and what I stand for. I cannot apologize for what I’ve made, or compromise who I am and quiet my voice. As i said in my artist statement this piece symbolizes the gift God has given me through the arts, and the call to create paintings based off visions and dreams He reveals to me. God has created this gift in me and I am a vessel to be used. The dove represents the Holy Spirit depositing the arts, represented by the rainbow, into my life, and me lifting my hands to God in acceptance and openness to be a vessel for God. This is who i am and this is what I stand for. LET’S SUPPORT ART 180 and the voices and kids of our FUTURE!!!!!”

To whomever took this painting: Please return it.

If anyone has any information regarding the disappearance of this piece, please email 180@ART180.ORG. Thank you.

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