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UPDATED: Charles Samuels: “I support Art 180′s project”

Councilman Charles Samuels released an additional statement today at 11:35AM:

“I’ve had discussions with representatives from Art180 and Venture Richmond and it is my understanding that those two groups have worked together and we have resolution for the murals during Easter on Parade on Monument Avenue. It appears the murals may have to be temporarily moved but the parties are working together to ensure they are still visible.

I appreciate the calls and emails from citizens voicing their position on this matter. It is my belief that the City will honor its commitments and I am sure the Administration is working towards a decision on the issue of permits for this public art display.”


“Like so many Richmonders, I was surprised to hear the issues about the Art 180 displays on Monument Avenue. I have always supported and appreciated the work Art 180 has done around the city — including these great pieces on Monument Avenue.”

“To be clear: City Council has absolutely no authority to issue or revoke any permits within the city.”

The current issues with the permits arose when a constituent recently asked me how long the displays would be on the medians. In looking into the answer for that question, it appears that there were crossed wires within the Administration regarding the permitting procedure as they considered the timing of this art installation and any overlap with next weekend’s Easter on Parade, which uses the same medians that feature the art displays for vendors, children’s activities, and foot traffic.

I want to avoid having any of these great displays lost, damaged, or overlooked while this event is going on.

I support Art 180′s project and I think it is very unfortunate that there has been so much confusion.

I have offered Art180 my services to work with them, the Administration or anyone else to make sure this wonderful art is proudly displayed on Monument Avenue & to ensure we find a resolution to this problem that works for everyone.”

Charles R. Samuels
804-646-6532 (office)
804-690-0898 (cell)


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