Bike found, another bike for sale “by crackheads”

I found an expensive-looking Specialized road bike, mostly black, carbon fiber front fork, white tape on the bars. Looks like a thief nabbed it but could not get the security chain off, so he/she stuffed it in a trash can so as not to get caught with a stolen bike. I have it safe on my back porch. Though the fork has been separated from the downtube, the bike appears to be in pretty good shape. Contact me to claim your property. I need a reasonable description and you need to be able to unlock the chain when you show up.

If anyone is missing your black fixie with silver rims and a high seat… some crackhead has it and has been trying to sell it for 2 days now. Go beat that ass and take it back, he’s got on a grey hoodie, hat and has a beard. Fuck him.

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