This week’s calendar

13.1 at Chop Suey; 20th French Film Festival ; Monument Avenue 10k; 20th French Film Festival ; Flight Night @ Secco; Free movie at Grace Street Theater; MORE…

13.1 at Chop Suey

Sat Mar 31 !10:00 am
Our friends at Richmond Young Writers present 13.1, the half-maration follow-up to last year’s amazing writing marathon! Watch our Facebook page for more information abour readers, events and delicious treats

20th French Film Festival

Sat Mar 31
Four days of French films and shorts

Monument Avenue 10k

Sat Mar 31 6:00 am
The Monument Avenue 10k will be responsible for road closures until mid-afternoon.

20th French Film Festival

Sun Apr 1 10:00 am
Four days of French films and shorts

Flight Night @ Secco

Mon Apr 2 7:00 pm
Trying new things is like hitting the refresh button on our existence: it delivers us from complacency, engages our senses and forces us to question our tastes, values and, in turn, our very nature. Yet, more often than not, most of us will opt for the familiar over the unknown. Every Monday.

Free movie at Grace Street Theater

Tue Apr 3 7:00 pm
Ne Change Rien
by Pedro Costa – April 3, 2012 – 7pm
Area: World Cinema / Portugal


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