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End The Drug War Concert and Rally announced for 4/20

End The Drug War Concert and Rally

April 20th, 2012

1PM – 6PM



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A day commonly associated with marijuana use, April 20th in 2012 will signal a shift in how people view drug policy. With a majority 50% of Americans favoring marijuana legalization last year for the first time, it is evident that the War on Drugs should end.

The failures of the war on drugs stretch deep into various sectors of our society. From the 40,000 dead in Mexico since 2006, to the arrest of medical marijuana patients for using their medicine, the war on drugs affects us all.

From police shot down on the job by cartels that generate revenue from prohibition, to college students who are stripped of financial aid for having possessed a drug, the war on drugs hurts our ability to live prosperously.

Join us on April 20th, in Monroe Park, Richmond, Virginia.


Parking on the street can be found here:

Parking decks are highlighted here in blue. Parking is 5 dollars a day without a VCU ID, and 3.75 with a VCU ID:

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