Fan Village is looking for volunteers

The FDA’s Fan Village Committee and its volunteers will assist FDA members (both Fan residents and non-Fan residents in nearby neighborhoods who are FDA members) who require help around their homes, as well as members who are temporarily disabled due to illness or injury. The Village’s services may be most valuable to our older Fan residents living at home, but our assistance is not limited to the FDA’s senior citizens.

We require only that all volunteers and those requesting services be FDA members.

To join the FDA, see the FDA website at for information on membership, including Friend of the Fan.

Starting this Spring, the Fan Village plans to offer the services below. This is a small beginning to what we hope will grow into a much larger program. A launch date and phone number will be announced on the FDA e-mail list and in the April/May Fanfare. To begin, we must recruit additional, committed volunteers to help with the following:

  1. Yard work such as leaf removal, simple gardening tasks, snow removal, etc.
  2. Carrying recycle bins and trash cans out for collection and returning when emptied to a resident’s home.
  3. General small, handyman tasks, including changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, and any task that requires a ladder.
  4. Picking up prescriptions at a local pharmacy.
  5. Daily “well-being” phone calls to those who request calls.
  6. Temporary grocery shopping for home-bound residents.
  7. Exercise or walking groups for Fan seniors.

A meeting for all volunteers is set for Sunday, February 12th, at 3PM at the FDA Office at 208 North Strawberry Street. In case of snow/sleet, the meeting will take place on February 26th. For more info: Barbara Hartung

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