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A history of Paradise Park

The Paradise Park site has the history of almost 40-year-old park:

Paradise Park and its sister, Scuffletown Park, began in 1968 as a citizens’ project sponsored by the Fan District Association. This project sought to establish “block core parks” at locations where it was determined that the need for such parks existed. The City of Richmond became involved as a project sponsor in order to enable, through a series of resolutions, solicitation of funds from the Commission on Outdoor Recreation.

The park was designed by architect Carlton Abbott, who presented his design in November 1970.

In 1972, the City of Richmond declared the necessity for the parks and began, through the enactment of various ordinances, the process of acquiring land within two city blocks for the purpose of establishing two new parks within the Fan District: Paradise Park and Scuffletown Park. Following resolution of permit delays, contractor W.M. Walder, Jr., Inc. began construction in 1973.

In 1975 the City Planning Commission and the Urban Design Committee presented the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks with an Urban Design Award for the Paradise Park project.

IMAGE original caption: “Upper: The site chosen for Paradise Park was a neighborhood eyesore. Lower: The site as it looks today – an immeasurable improvement.”

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