You wanna go cup for that?

There is a group pushing to get local governments (rather than the state) the power to regulate and license alcoholic beverages in and around the establishments that dispense it. Think of an RVA more like Savannah or New Orleans…

For those of you that have traveled to cities like Savannah, Miami, New Orleans… you might have noticed that you can go from bar to bar with an alcoholic beverage. Studies show that this simple idea provides a significant boost to local tourism. This concept is allowed by City Ordinances that regulate and license alcoholic beverages in their localities.

The problem with trying to do it Richmond, is the Code of Virginia does not allow for localities to write such ordinances regulating and licensing alcoholic beverages. By repealing Virginia Code § 4.1-128 and § 4.1-308, cities like Richmond and Virginia Beach will have the opportunity to write their own Ordinances regulating and licensing alcoholic beverages in their localities. By doing this, not only will the open container policy in certain parts of the locality be changed, but it will also help regulate establishments that choose to be a nuisance and cause trouble.

We will be in close contact with the City of Savannah in gathering statistics and studies done by them in order to formulate a petition. Once these two code sections are repealed, the second step of writing the City of Richmond Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance will be done.

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