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Size Doesn’t Matter opens big at Glave Kocen

Size Doesn’t Matter, the 5th annual small works exhibit, opened last night at Glave Kocen Gallery to much buzz. The show runs through February 28, 2012.

Glave Kocen Gallery’s fifth annual “Size Doesn’t Matter” exhibit features small works by more than 30 gallery artists in various mediums and styles on display [...]

Artists in the show include: Neil Duman, Maggie Siner, Dorothy Fagan, Kathleen Westkaemper, Cyane Lowden, Dee Campbell, David Skinner, Farida Hughes, Steve Hedberg, Danny Robbins, Rodger Bechtold, Jamie Betts, Dave Bruner, J M Henry, Steven Walker, Carol Phifer, Robert Young, Steve Griffin, Sara Linda Poly, Rob Browning, Greg Osterhaus, Stanley Rayfield, Eleanor Cox, Frankie Slaughter, Timothy McClellan, Joshua Barber, Kay Franz, John Holland, Dennis Winston, Karen Kohtz, Jinx Constine, Diego Sanchez, and Jill Finsen

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