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Preview of the 2012 local elections

This year Richmonders will be voting at the local level for city council, school board, and mayor. Candidates have until summer to officially get on the ballot; here is a look at where we start off 2012…

The vast majority of the Fan is in the 2nd District, with the area north of Main Street/Floyd Avenue being in the 5th District. (more 5th District info HERE)


Four years ago, Dwight Jones garnered 39% of the city-wide vote in a split 5 person race to see who would follow Doug Wilder as mayor of Richmond. Bill Pantele rolled up 2nd with 33%, trailed by Robert Grey at 21%. Paul Goldman, Lawrence Williams, and Write-in split the remaining 7% of the vote.

In 2008, then-2nd District Council Representative Pantele grabbed 46% of the 2nd District vote in the mayoral contest. Jones and Grey each managed about 23%.

Mayor Jones has not announced that he will be seeking re-election in 2012, but he has a lot of money on hand and is acting like he will be in the running. No other candidates have yet surfaced.


2nd District Council Representative Charles Samuels was first elected to the position in 2008 with 45% of the vote, with Tyron Bey and Patrick Kjellberg split the remainder.

2nd District Schoolboard Representative Kim Gray was first elected to the position in 2008 with 63% of the vote, knocking off Lisa Dawson.

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