Four open seats on FDA Board

The FDA Board has four open seats for the 2012-2013 year. The new Directors will be elected at the annual meeting in May. So the election process starts now.

What Does A Board Member Do?

  • You chair one of the FDA committees
  • You prepare for and attend monthly board meetings
  • You spend on average 3 hours/week on FDA matters
  • You serve a 3 year term and agree to serve as a board officer if elected during your term
  • You attend FDA events throughout the year

Considerations for Candidacy –

  • Current FDA member in good standing
  • Track record of volunteer work with the FDA or other neighborhood group
  • Passionate about and commitment to the Fan
  • Balance of geographic locations in the Fan
  • Variety of skills and backgrounds among board members

How Do I Apply?
Please submit the following information to the current FDA President by March 5th:

  • A letter of application addressing the requirements noted above, why you would like to serve on the Board, and what you would like to accomplish as a Board member.
  • A biography or resume setting out both your volunteer and work experience
  • A photograph for the next issue of Fanfare

Send your application to FDA President: Betsy Coffield, c/o FDA Office, 208 N. Strawberry St., Richmond, VA 23220 OR


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