plum street

Plum Street house up for Golden Hammer award

The renovation of 12 South Plum Street (Nack Properties) has been nominated for a Golden Hammer award.

Despite the volatile and dismal economy, renovation of vacant and blighted structures has continued throughout this past year. This year’s Golden Hammer nominees have continued to improve 15 neighborhoods scattered about the city. Better Housing Coalition is pleased to hold this event to recognize dozens of persistent people whose collective efforts continue the revitalization of our historic neighborhoods. Richmond’s neighborhoods represent the soul of our city. Year-after-year, one building and one house at a time, our neighborhoods inch closer to reaching their full potential. Better Housing Coalition is thrilled to salute the 2011 Golden Hammer Nominees and Honorees.

The Golden Hammer Awards is a welcome event for the Better Housing Coalition. In January of 2011 the BHC was delighted to bring the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods under its umbrella into the newly created Center for Neighborhood Revitalization (CNR), which continues the Alliance’s programs that focus on vacant and blighted property and tools of historic preservation that spur revitalization activity in our neighborhoods.


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