From a site recollecting the late 60s and early 70s at the original VCU radio station WJRB-AM 820:

WJRB-AM was a student run radio station and was supported by the Student Government Association and advertisers like the Copy Center, Lum’s, Dutch’s, the Village, the Biograph Theatre and Kelly’s. Most people may think of campus radio (also known as college radio, university radio or student radio) as an FM station. It appears that WJRB started in the fall of 1967. Back then there was an option known as “carrier current” broadcasting. Using a very low power AM transmitter (something like 5 watts), a radio signal could be sent through the electrical wires in a building to our listening audience. As it turns out, our audience consisted of students living in some of the dorms mostly located on Franklin Street and Shafer Street. Also lucky diners in Hibbs and Temple cafeterias (Temple being the site today of the Singleton Center) could listen during meal times. If you were lucky enough to have a car and lived off-campus, you could sometimes hear WJRB at the stop lights as far away as Lombardy Street or further (depending upon the weather and which engineer had been working on the transmitters).


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