City releases clean-up schedule for Irene debris

From a press release by Richmond DPU:

City officials released a prioritization plan for the continuation of
storm debris clean-up and road openings following Hurricane Irene. All work is expected
to be completed within 30-45 days.

Four levels of response for debris removal are outlined in the plan:
1. Large tree/limbs, Equipment, Saws
<7 days 2. Tree, Large Limbs, Equipment Needed 7 days 3. Brush, small trees ,Limbs, Hand Pickup 15-30 days 4. Brush, hand pick 30-45 days City residents who want to dispose of their own debris can do so by taking it to either the East Richmond Road Convenience Center at 3800 E. Richmond Rd.; or to 3060 Maury Street, two blocks north of Holly Springs Avenue. There is no fee for this service. For those who chose to leave their storm debris curbside, brush items are not to be placed on sidewalks, in drainage ditches or in parking lanes. They may be placed in alleys, but must not block the alleyway. The city is coordinating with Dominion Virginia Power on removal of any remaining trees blocking roadways, as there may be live wires in the area or tangled within the trees. The priority for road openings is major and minor arterials will be cleared first, followed by the minor thoroughfares. Residential and local roads will be completed after the minor roads are cleared.


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