Pie is pretty much the best thing ever

To reaffirm our faith in this controversial culinary art, my boyfriend and I sampled slices from two of the city’s most revered pie houses: Joe’s Inn and Garnett’s Cafe, both highly recommended by my ultra-scientific Twitter poll.

At Joe’s Inn, we opted for Peanut Butter Pie with Oreo Crust. Next time you stop in, I suggest you do the same. A fair weather friend of peanut butter, even I loved this one. A smooth and delicate balance of peanut butter and cream evidenced homemade preparation, while Oreo crust and mini chocolate chips sealed the deal with a satisfying crunch and pleasing color contrast to the peanut butter mousse.

Strawberry Apple Pie awaited us at Garnett’s Cafe (pictured). I love their pairing of two common pie fruits, whose combination is rather uncommon. More should try it – the result was fantastic. I find strawberry pies can be overly sweet, particularly in the sweltering summer months. Apples kept the flavor profile a bit mellower, allowing the pie’s buttery, dense crust to shine through. My only unfulfilled wish? To have tried it straight out of the oven. Our room-temp serving was tasty, but there’s no comparison to freshly baked pie, all cool crust and warm, hidden filling.

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