Wanna be an anarchist?

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be having an interest meeting and presentation at 1pm on Saturday June 25th at the Really Really Free Market in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel.

Generally speaking the Anarchist Black Cross is a prison abolition and political prisoner support group. To find out more about what we mean when we say that, come to this meeting/presentation!

For anyone who wants to find out about what the Anarchist Black Cross is about, this will be a good introduction to the concepts and background of the organization. We will be presenting on the history of the Anarchist Black Cross, other existing Anarchist Black Cross groups, and some information about the prison system in Virginia and our stance on the Richmond City Jail.

This will be an opportunity for discussion about these ideas- so if you’ve ever been curious or interested but too nervous to come to a meeting, this is your chance! If you like the presentation and want to bring it to a different venue we would be excited about that as well.

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