Eldridge Bagley at Glave Kocen

Eldridge Bagley’s A Sense of Place opens Friday from 6-9PM at Glave Kocen Gallery and runs June 03 – July 02, 2011.

Like his iconic images of rural life, Bagley’s presence in the world of contemporary art has proved enduring. He has gathered a flock of dedicated fans and collectors nearly forty years in the making, who eagerly anticipate his new work each summer. This June, Eldridge Bagley devotees will celebrate his 30th consecutive exhibition, “A Sense Of Place”.

Eldridge Bagley is more than a folk artist. His paintings go beyond the sentimentality of traditional folk art and “memory paintings” to address the complexities of changing times. A born storyteller, Bagley creates scenes that are at once nostalgic and poignantly real; they capture the spirit of the rural South and lament the loss of traditional culture to the uncertainty of new ways.

With no formal schooling in technique, color or perspective, Bagley instead paints by intuition, which results in an authenticity unattainable through training. His teeming compositions recall busy days of hard work on the farm, and his palette reflects the colors of Lunenburg County and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bagley infuses each painting with the richness of his own experience as a tobacco farmer, and invites us in lest we forget the foundations on which our modern industrial lives were built.

“A Sense of Place” at glave kocen gallery represents a milestone in the journey of an extraordinary artist, begun on his family’s Lunenburg farm and marked by decades of well-earned acclaim. Visitors are invited to attend an opening reception on June 3 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, and the exhibition will remain on view until July 2nd.


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