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Trask’s Rails, Trails and Rivers opens Friday at Glave Kocen

Ed Trask’s Rails, Trails and Rivers opens Friday 6-9PM and runs May 06-28, 2011 at Glave Kocen Gallery.

“Rails, Trails and Rivers” is Ed Trask’s tribute to the River City. More specifically, it’s a tribute to the river that allows the city to thrive. Richmonders view the James River alternately as a place to work, play, learn, explore new terrain and escape from busy city life. Local artist Ed Trask also views it as a lifeline, a single thread running through the center of the city to connect us. Trask, a frequent visitor to sites like Belle Isle for both work and play, is fascinated by the river and the culture that surrounds it. He sees the people and the remnants of lost architecture on the banks of the James as relics of the life of Richmond. “Rails, Trails and Rivers,” Trask’s exhibition at glave kocen gallery, is a series of mixed-media snapshots that capture the power and vivacity of the river. The show will include landscapes of the river alongside images of the figures, pump houses, stone walls and train trestles that populate it. A true Richmonder, Ed Trask has adorned the walls of Richmond with over 30 murals, and his paintings can be found in a myriad of local businesses. His work creates a symbolic portrait of the environment and time in which we live, and makes us want to open our eyes and savor the scenery of our stomping grounds.

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