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House and Senate redistricting impact on the Fan

Redistricting of the State Senate and House of Delegates districts based on the 2010 Census numbers was made official recently, with some impact on the neighborhood.

A piece of the Fan close to Monroe Park, all of Oregon Hill and Byrd Park, and much of the Forest Hill area that have been part of State Senate District 9, currently held by Donald McEachin (D), will now be in State Senate District 10, held by John Watkins (R). Interestingly, with these and other changes, both of these Senate districts are now less partisan than before the redistricting: District 9 has been redistricted to be 6.3% more Republican (up to a whopping 36.5%), while District 10 is now 7.5% more Democratic (40.7%).

State Senate District 9

State Senate District 10

Representation of the neighborhood in the House of Delegates will be split 3 ways. District 68 (Manoli Loupassi [R]) picks up the area bound by Shields, Main, Boulevard, and Park. Other changes to the district make it 3.1% more Republican (63.7%). District 69 (Betsy B Carr [D]) retains the area south of Floyd/Main (and picks up Oregon Hill)(1.1% more Democratic). District 71 (Jennifer L McClellan [D]) loses the chunk picked up by District 68, but gains along the Park-to-Broad corridor (5.8% more Democratic / 80.6%).

House of Delegates District 68

House of Delegates District 69

House of Delegates District 70

Thanks to the Virginia Public Access Project for making this information available.

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