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Hot Dog Eating Contest at City Dogs

Hot Dog Eating Contest at City Dogs (Main Street) tonight, Friday May 20, 2011, from 5–8PM. Entry fee will be $15 per person with a spectator suggested donation of $5 (the money from this is being donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Richmond).

Contestant Registration

TO SIGN UP: Email and specify which category you’d like to compete in (see categories below).

NIGHT OF EVENT: Please arrive between 5 – 6pm to pay the $15 registration fee and sign the waiver.

Competition Rules

· Contestants must not touch hotdogs until the start whistle

· Must consume entire hotdog for hotdog to be counted. (An entire hotdog includes the bun)

· Contestants will have hotdogs placed in front of them as follows:

§ Men: 5 dogs

§ Women: 4 dogs

§ Glutton (co-ed): 6 Richmond Dogs (chili, onion and cheese)

· At the start whistle, the contestant must consume the specified number of hot dogs, the first to finish is the winner.

· Buns and hotdogs may be separated, dunked or mangled.

· Visible signs of sickness will result in disqualification

· Ties will be determined by an “eat off”

The event will consist of a number of contestants standing behind tables with hotdogs in buns. A glass of water will be provided to each contestant for drinking or dunking. Condiments are allowed but are usually not used. Whoever consumes the hot dogs the fastest and keeps them down will be declared the winner. Designated scorekeepers will keep track of each contestant to ensure complete consumption of the hot dog and bun. Both hands may be used during the competition.


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