pie at ipanema

Fan restaurants clean up in Best of Richmond 2011

Our neighborhood restaurants are well represented in Style Weekly’s city-wide reader-polled Best of Richmond 2011:

  • Joe’s Inn (Best Breakfast),
  • Lamplighter (Best Coffeehouse for Coffee)(Best Coffeehouse for Hanging Out),
  • Ipanema Cafe (Best Dessert Menu),
  • Garnett’s Cafe (Best Lunch),
  • Acacia (Best Dinner),
  • 8 1/2 (Best Pizza),
  • Rowland’s (Best Place to Overhear Restaurant Drama),
  • Six Burner (Best Places to Find Offal on a Richmond Menu),
  • Commercial Taphouse (Best Restaurant Beer List),
  • Acacia (Best Restaurant for a Romantic Evening),
  • Ipanema Cafe (Best Restaurant for Vegetarians),
  • Acacia (Best Restaurant Service),
  • Dale Reitzer, Acacia (Best Richmond Chef),
  • Sprout (Greenest To-Go),
  • Lady N’awlins Cajun Café (Best Undiscovered Restaurant),
  • Cellar Door (Best Undiscovered Restaurant),
  • The Empress (Best Undiscovered Restaurant),
  • Home Team Grill (Best Sports Bar and Grill), and
  • Sticky Rice (Best Sushi)

PHOTO: Apple pie at Ipanema

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