Day Tripper opens with CUTS on April 29

The new gallery Day Tripper (101 South Addison Street, across from Lamplighter) opens with CUTS on April 29:

We’ve all worked to put together a collection of work that is, in my humble opinion, really impressive. I’d decided to put together a book called Cuts on this website called a few months back, and volleyed communication with everyone until I’d compiled a lot of stuff from my friends. I thought that it would be cool to get people together with this sort of assignment that would at once catch people off guard, pull them out of their comfort zones (including me especially), and level the playing field technique-wise. I think that we accomplished this goal in a way that is actually pretty approachable too. Anyway, check it out. My friends! We’re also very excited to support Dan and Hannah with their new gallery.

Thanks, homies.

-Marshall Higgins


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