A look at the Fan

Style’s Fanning Out is a look at the neighborhood and recent issues:

Geographically, the Fan is the 85 blocks bounded by Broad, Belvidere and Main streets and the Boulevard. The name comes from the fanning out of Park, Stuart, Hanover and Grove at Laurel Street.

Historically, the Fan is the largest intact Victorian neighborhood in the United States, an architectural rainbow of Italianate, Romanesque, Queen Anne, colonial revival, bungalow and other styles.

Traditionally, the Fan is pocket doors, airy ceilings, cast-iron radiators, unpleasant basements and vermilion dining rooms hung with framed Confederate generals.

And no less traditionally, the Fan is keg parties on precarious porches, sticker-covered Vespas chained to stop signs, hallways with a certain old-carpet smell, graffiti-tagged garage doors, grease traps and corner bars.

It’s one of these corner spots that has reignited old tensions between homeowners, partiers and restaurant owners.


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