Monument Avenue has a wiki

Monument Avenue has a wiki

This wiki showcases the houses and buildings on the portion of the avenue within the national historic designation. This historic area begins at Birch Street in the east and continues west along Monument Avenue to Roseneath Avenue. Additionally, it includes the blocks of Allen and Davis Avenues immediately to the north and south of Monument where they intersect it. The objective of this wiki is to gather baseline data on each contributing structure and to gather facts and lore of the history from the people who have lived here or who have known these buildings.

Baseline data includes address, architect or builder, date built, first owner, references for the baseline data, and a photograph. History and lore can be anything, really, concerning the past of the buildings! Keep it clean and honest. Our goal is to share this unique neighborhood with each other and the larger world interested in preserving historic places in the United States, and to capture history that slips through our fingers with each passing generation. We hope you will join us.


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