Lily Maase and Suite Unraveling, SCUO, Ombak at the Camel

Brooklyn’s Lily Maase and Suite Unraveling and RVA’s own SCUO and Ombak play Monday, January 31 at the Camel. 9PM $5

Lily Maase and Suite Unraveling: More rock band than jazz quintet, yet playing music more improvised than composed, Lily and the Suite have one foot planted in the world of rock and roll and the other firmly in the avant-garde, embracing influences as broad as Ornette Coleman, electronic music, and guitar heroes from the days of yore. The goal? To create something honest and new, steeped in the sensibility of simpler times, but reaching with reckless abandon into the sonic landscape that lays ahead.

SCUO: Scott Burton (guitar) and Scott Clark (drums) shred with relentless and terrifying precision. Sometimes they injure themselves doing so.

Ombak: You know the deal. Hooten on trombone, Kuhl on reeds, Pollard on guitar, Ralston on bass, Jones on drums. Music from Saturn by way of RVA.


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