Blue Rajas, Nervous Ticks, Tyrannosaurus Awesome at Sprout on Saturday

Sprout says “join us on January 8th to celebrate the coming of the year of the Rabbit with:

The Blue Rajas- former and current members of Richmond Bands The I-las and Catnip Dreams, Zoe and Gracie Golden, provide us with a kind of rock that only siblings could provide.

The Nervous Ticks- Crazy, melt-your-face-off intensity funneled into a genreless band that will leave you unable to stand still during their set.

Tyrannosaurus Awesome- Barebones rock and roll in this two piece act that everyone just simply needs to hear.

The cost for admission is at least 3 nonperishable food items. PLEASE NO CASH donations. More than 3 are welcome!

All proceeds are going to the Central VA food bank during the winter season when need is especially high. Please come and give someone in need a happy new year!


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