5 questions with Kendra Feather’s popular 5 Questions with a Foodie this week gets the answers from Kendra Feather, owner of Ipanema Cafe and Garnett’s Cafe.

If you could pick the best components of a few Richmond restaurants to create one super fabulous restaurant, what would they be?

I would want Lawrence DiJoseph (chef at 8 1/2) to cook the food and I would want him to be terribly temperamental and refuse to make substitutions and throw pans around the kitchen and curse loudly because that would be entertaining. I would want the interior to be like the downstairs of the C&O, with lots of little booths and alcoves. And I would wish all the waitstaff to be older women with a lack of patience. I love cranky old waitresses. They have to be old enough to have earned their jaded attitude. Young jaded people are just boring.

And this restaurant would have music piped in by Chris Bopst because I love his taste in music. I would love to have Bobby from Julep’s to be the bartender, because he has an unending amount of politeness and conversation. I would NOT want a bartender that calls women “darlin’.” I hate that. And I would like to see a diverse clientele, with lots of lively conversation and laughter. And no matter what the cuisine, the place would smell like fresh baked bread. And there would be no overhead lighting. Only lamps.


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